Torcs and Cauldrons
Magical torcs and cauldrons are wondrous items made by True Druids. The basic torc is made of silver, but gold or other more exotic metals are often used for magical torcs, which may also be covered in gems. Cauldrons are normally made of bronze or heavy iron. True Druids may make torcs that can be used by any one. Normally only a divine or arcane spellcaster can use a cauldron.

Sword of Ivringorn
The exact story behind the forging of this sword has been lost to all, though it is known that it was given as a gift to the king of the Nordic Dwarves, where it remained for several generations. It then traveled eastward with one of the younger princes who had designs on creating his own freehold. It is at this freehold that the real story of this weapon begins. Three generations after the founding of the freehold the prospering dwarves and humans of the area were attacked by barbaric snow elves. Initially these attacks were simple raids but over time they began to grow in strength. The Master of the freehold, grandson of the prince and owner of the sword gave the sword to a human warrior known as Aelin. Aelin was master of the keep known as Ivringorn which stood near a major mountain pass. He had volunteered to defend Ivringorn against the advancing elven army with only 500 men and dwarves while the freehold was evacuated. The sword, up to this point a symbol of dwarven rulership, was given to Aelin as a sign of unending friendship between men and dwarves. Ivringorn fell with no survivors and it was assumed that the sword was lost. However the fallen defenders ensured the successful evacuation of the freehold.

The sword is of average length and the straight blade is forged of layered steel. The steel handguard is shaped into clenched fists with the jade handle being carved to fit a hand. Engraved into the steel pommel is the crest of the Nordic Kingdom of Dwarves.

This +2 Elf Bane longsword glows a brilliant green when within 30' of anyone with elven blood and is bright enough to light a 10' radius around the wielder. In the hands of a human it grants the ability to inspire all dwarves and humans within sight of the sword. The inspiration may be used once/day and provides a +1 morale bonus to all actions taken against elves or those of elven blood.

The origins of this sword are long since forgotten, but it's purpose is undeniable: the destruction of fiends. Even how the present owner, John of Fulk, acquired the sword is something of a mystery, since John has a few different stories on how he managed to get ahold of it. John was adventuring with the Black Friar Franz Shelneck at the time he "found" the sword, and at the insistence of Franz's order John has vowed not to (truthfully) speak of many of things that he and his companions did and saw in their adventures. John's been known to bend this vow from time to time, but the sword remains a mystery. John himself has proposed one theory on its creation "I think those bastards made it to kill their own kind".
The purpose of the sword is not so mysterious, though the number of fiends that John claims to have killed with it does seem exagerated. One aspect of the sword is that it seems to draw it's power from the fiends it battles against. John has been known to lend the sword out to deserving adventurers who might need it. But he always asks for and gets it back.

The sword is standard in size and weight and appears to be made of steel with a dull sheen. While standard in its physical characteristics, the sword has an alien appearance, and appears to have been made by no culture known on Terra Viejo. It's blade is too thick, and it's plain, angular quillon's and simple hilt are also unusual.

This +2 Evil Outsider Bane bastard sword grants the wielder immunity to fear, charm and sleep spells and spell effects that originate from an evil outsider. Normally it has a low glow that can only be seen in the darkness, however when the sword is within 50' of a fiend it will glow a bright blue, as a light spell. When in combat against an evil outsider, the wielder will regenerate 1 hp/round and when he hits, he will do an additional 1d6 points of damage that are added to his own hit points. While not intelligent per se, the sword does have something of a will and any user that has started combat with an evil outsider must make a Will save (DC 15) to disengage, only one check is allowed per combat.