Dragon's Mouth

Centuries ago when the world was young, great dragons walked the lands demanding what they wished of the younger races. Thier great power, both magical and physical, ensured that for many years none challenged them. Over time they younger races grew in numbers as well as in knowledge and soon they were able to challenge these great creatures and occasionally a hero would emerge victorious. One such hero, a wizard known only as Wyn, and his companions challenged the great dragon Tiberiex, who claimed all the Highlands as his domain. A great battle ensued which lasted into the night and on into the next day. Finally, both sides wearied from a battle that had laid waste to acres of land, Wyn cast a mighty spell that transformed the great dragon to stone. Gaping before the wizard was a huge cavern, the Dragon's Mouth, and it was into this opening that Wyn and his companions journeyed in search of the dragon's treasure. No one ever returned and to this day none who have entered the Dragon's Mouth have returned. It is said they have been consumed by the spirit of Tiberiex which still lives on within the mountian that is his body.